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About us

The Brand

WILD BARKS is the fresh new face of your beloved brand, formerly known as WOOF WOOF! While our name may have changed, our commitment to providing top-quality fashion products for your furry friends (...and you) remains stronger than ever.

Join us on this new adventure and unleash your wildest spirit!

Our Story

Heyyy, we are Alex, Chelsea and Christina. In early 2018 we founded your beloved WOOF WOOF, focusing on giving a modern touch to dog accessories.

Now, almost 6 years later and being more mature than ever, we have made an important decision!

WOOF WOOF is changing and evolving… While keeping our identity and love for what we do intact, we are adding brand new products for our four-legged friends and for people too!

Come and join us on this new journey and become a WILD member yourself.

What's next?

At WILD BARKS, our journey is just beginning. We're excited to continue bringing you the best in pet and human accessories. Stay tuned for new collections, exciting collaborations, and even more ways to spoil your furry friends. Join us as we embark on this adventure together, because with WILD BARKS, the best is yet to come!