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Boheme dog harness

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Step into a new era of canine elegance with our brand new H-Style harness series, where style meets comfort. Crafted for having the best control of your fluffy friend, this harness ensures your dog walks with confidence and flair.

The adjustable straps provide a snug fit, while the durable D-ring allows secure leash attachment.

Using the best materials and reinforced stitching guarantees both comfort and longevity.

Make your everyday walks a pleasure for you and your fluffy friend.

Handcrafted in sunny Greece

Unique Design

Comfort Fit

Outdoor Canvas

Easy to clean

  • All gear should be hand-washed and never put in the washing machine to keep your gear in top condition.
  • Scrub your gear using a toothbrush or a dish brush and warm water until clean and air dry.
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